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Everyday Essentials for the Modern Mom

Bub & Weave is a maternity fashion brand for breastfeeding moms. We create classy and feminine everyday nursing wear for women. It aims to bring together classic pieces that new mothers can wear as they care for their baby while not compromising their sense of self and style.

Bub & Weave is a brand for the first-time moms who want to keep up with the trends and their personal style throughout their breastfeeding journey. Our goal is to be there for CaraLean buy research paper online women as they transition to motherhood; by catering to their ever-changing clothing needs as a new mom.

Bub & Weave believes that breastfeeding should be fun for both mom and baby.

There’s always an element of surprise, as the pieces don’t seem like breastfeeding wear. Each has a secret nursing access that makes it convenient for moms and allows them to be the fashionable moms they want to be, despite their new lifestyle.


Established in Manila, Philippines on September 2017, Bub & Weave is a proud Filipino brand created by Antidote.